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Welcome to the Unofficial Songbook blog. While you are here, we'll tell you a bit more about the book and what you can expect if you purchase.

This book tells the "true" story of the origins of some very well known songs. Here is an extract.

It was during the writing of True Blue, the album, that Madonna and Stephen Bray hit a creative wall. They has a number of killer tracks, but they were struggling to formulate a standout, unique title track. As always during such creative slumps, Madonna ordered take out and Stephen lined up his PBS off-air recordings of Doctor Who.

Settling down in the studio, they turned down the lights and watched The Green Death...

And much credit must be given to our researchers also, who didn't make up any kind of Doctor Who lyrics and all. Instead, through painstaking research and diligence, unearthed these long forgotten remnants.

At first I was afraid I was petrified.
Kept thinkin’ I could never live without my father by my side.
My first journey with the Doctor and he tried to prove me wrong.
Would I grow strong? Would I learn how to get along?

And there I was in outer space.
On some planet they call Telos with men with a metal face.
They should have never blown that rock,
Those doors yielded so logic’lly.
In the Cybertombs, the Cybermen couldn’t help but bother me.

To see the full efforts of the investigations, why not order the book now.

If you missed out on the successful limerick book, you can order them as a double pack on our orders page.

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